SP Arte 2020: SP Arte 2020

https://www.sp-arte.com/editorial/sp-arte-viewing-room24-30-agosto-2020/, 24 - 30 August 2020

BABEL SP  is pleased to announce its participation on the first edition of the SP-Arte Viewing Room – the main art fair in Latin America, its 2020 edition will be on a virtual environment.


Between 24th and 30th August, BABEL's clients will be able to explore its exclusive exhibition project, in a total immersive platform, visitors will be able to view the artwork, as well as read, listen and watch the artists' expressions of their presented works.




Today we let ourselves, more than ever, be carried away by imagination, images and dreams. Deep thoughts with uncertain actions in an attempt to deny the environment that surrounds us, but in the search for a necessary desired security. We are more at home than we have ever been, here, everywhere, without going anywhere. In isolated and preserved times, in the current reality of risk, in a symptomatic and generalized utopian construction, in search of a possible common whole. In the desire for perfection, not tangible, for an ideal place other than the now, the real world is confused with the imagination and deep desires of individuals, in a collective, creative and, why not say, magical daydream.

Here at NOW in this fictional chimera, not only animals and nature are present, objects and desires are equally alive. We present within our artists’ works the uncontrollable imaginative, implausible, stunning and even the simplicity of nothing new and beautiful. Around a significant discourse in the contemporary art of these works, we subtly present an immersion of Hallucinated Reality, a visual, sensory fantasy, with the impact that art can take us. We are getting increasingly closer, distant, however, together; that is, artistically and socially speaking, very relevant.