Demsky started his own creative journey in the graffiti boom in the early 90s. Since then he has been travelling and spraying throughout more than 50 countries and still feels obsessed with twisting the morfology of his name in multiple, unconventional shapes and forms.  Most recently, Demsky expanded his artistic output and developed new artforms.  His work has been shown in several galleries in Europe and in the United States. 


Being a self-directed learner, his artistic influences are mainly rooted in the graffiti movement, the fluor era and his current nostalgia around the late 80s and early 90s, although nowadays these are expanding also towards obtaining a balanced mix between future and nostalgia, radical creativity and exact scien- ces.

As a kid and young teenager he used to spend his time playing arcade games and watching Japanese mecha and sci-fi movies in VHS mode.

Since a few years ago Demsky feels eager to expand his artistic output and develop new artforms in his studio work – a new approach to develop a more conceptual side where he tries to bring new artforms around the interconnected relationship of the space and time array with a strong focus on finding the glitch error and animating static compositions.

More precisely, and always being true to his style from the very beginnings, it is a glance to the future from those nostalgic times, an ongoing personal therapy exercise based on getting immersed in creating impossible shapes gravitating in multiple dimensions in a organized chaos environment.

Understanding art as a vehicle to stimulate senses and heal the soul, Demsky has collaborated with a wealth of worldwide galleries and has worked in multiple cultural and commercial projects.

He currently spend most of his time shut away in his laboratory breaking the artificial atmosphere.