Visual Polyphony: Solo Exhibition by Washington Silvera

Washington Silvera always seems to be creating a new world, a new everything. Inverse Curitibano presents with ludicrous academic work reflexes of a playful and humorous tone about what we know and understand to be everyday in the subjects and objects of men. A stranger followed by trivial recognition that makes you think, smile and question.


Above all, it brings us the liveliness of inanimate objects, among the real ones, like Dock Ellis, a professional American baseball player, who in 1970 played a “non-hitter” (without a hitter), a rare achievement for a businessman, made an influence of LSD ( a powerful hallucinogenic substance), where a cue and balls of balls as a whole show an illusory illustration, or even for a subtle creation where shells arise dreams of imaginary beings like Jorge Luis Borges, and others, produces an effect that calls and speaks loudly within what we already know, makes us play with the improbable.


The symbolism of the object always exists, and Washington navigates firmly in the representation of the tenant who is already and is, owner of his own polyphony, his own specific sound texture.

Ah! Let the sound come!

Jully Fernandes