Lucas Lenci


Desaudio is an invitation to listen to silence. By relying on well-balanced and harmonious images, it presents spaces where no conflict can be felt, a relief in the midst of our lives’ daily chaos.

Human beings, whether present or absent , no longer act as main actors. Be it in a crowded Tokyo subway station, in New York’s frantic Times Square or in the busy sea waters of Maresias beach, the eyes of the photographer look for and find a pause in what is happening around him. This is how the very lonely and thoughtful act of taking a picture forms an image.

Desaudio is about a diverse set of landscapes and times that talk to each other through geometrisms, colors and details. The leading motif, however, is the silence that is captured. Although the images in the book may practically take you on a trip around the world, it is far from being a traditional travel book. It is a creation born from the photographer’s own inner space. Almost as if these locations had been invented


Cássio Vasconcellos

Desaudio, Lucas Lenci
$ 45.00