Juliana Sícoli

Daughter of psychologists and quite restless, she has always had a keen eye for complex and sensitive themes that are part of her work. One of them has the resistor, an electronic component, as one of the foundations of his narrative.

“After researching its function and its system of codes and meanings, I decided that resistors needed to exist physically in the work. Having its presence materialized has become fundamental, as its apparent fragility can make us reflect deeply. They are small pieces within a system and could be used to drill, cross the canvas and take root ”describes the artist. The book also brings together 5 other series, such as “Silent Giants”, which received an honorable mention at the PX3 Prix Paris Photo 2020 with photographs taken in empty stadiums around the world for two years. In the series “Autocostura”, Sícoli sews on self-portraits made during the quarantine, in an attempt to tackle issues of the body and the soul. With a smooth and intense art at the same time, Juliana manages to surprise with her creative process. His series carry a baggage, a story, a theme to deepen the dialogue beyond the visible meaning of the photographed element. A book to reflect the provocation that the artist makes: Resist and re-exist, always and constantly to proceed. Create online store


(R)Existências, Juliana Sícoli
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