Thannyo De Freitas Navarro (Colón, 1976) is a panamanian painter who shows his love for nature through his works. He studied at the University of Panama, where he obtained a Batchelor in Fine Arts, with emphasis in Painting and drawing. He also performs as an Art and Graphic Design teacher. Thannyo is a man who likes to take care of his seal, his name; a man who knows, closely, the meaning of art, "It is always necessary to title the paintings, it must always be personalized", he comments during an interview for La Estrella de Panamá.

    Similarly, he says "My paintings have a social commitment because they promote beauty and care for the environment,". Although he lives in a city of skyscrapers, he never loses touch with the atmosphere he makes him create. "Nature is part of my life and I cannot lose that essence."

    Currently, the Panamanian continues to create in his studio: his home. He intends to organize an individual exhibition in the capital city.

    • Thannyo de Freitas Navarro, Isla flotante , 2022
      Thannyo de Freitas Navarro, Isla flotante , 2022
      R$ 27,000.00
    • Thannyo de Freitas Navarro, Isla flotante con guayacan , 2022
      Thannyo de Freitas Navarro, Isla flotante con guayacan , 2022
      R$ 27,000.00
  • Exhibitions and participations

    Gran Subasta del MAC Casa Cor Panamá 

    ICA FAIR The International Caribbean Art fair New York 

    Art+Desing Tambaran Gallery New York 2021 

    1 feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Panamá Museo de Arte Contemporáneo 

    Subasta Wizo Hanono Galería Luz Botero fine Art

    Arte Único en Honor al Sr. Alberto s. Btesh Wizo Hatikva

    SUBASTA WISO HANONO Y WISO ATID Galería Luz Botero Fine Art Hotel Ocean Trump

    Exposición Artistas, Imagen y Palabra Urbe University of Miami Fundación Otero Almengor

    "Thannyo” Galería Mery Palma exposición individual Hotel Caesar Park

    “Meditando” exposición individual Panama Weil Art Galería “Conciencia” exposición individual Panama MENCIONES. Primer puesto concurso ASI ES MI PANAMA.1992 Ganador concurso nacional E internacional .1990,1992

    Ganador Primer puesto Festival de las Artes Universidad Panamá. 2004