Wanderlust: 60 Years of Images

Thomas Hoepker signed books

The very best photographic books whisk us away from familiar surroundings in search of memorable experiences and far-flung places--and none more so than this impressive volume, a comprehensive retrospective of photographer Thomas Hoepker's wide-ranging work. Wanderlust is a spectacular showcase for this photojournalist and former president of Magnum Photos. With insight and a keen sense for crucial details, Hoepker has dedicated his life to creating a photographic record that illustrates both the essential historical context and his subjects' uniquely personal experiences. Hoepker's remarkable success as a global historian has created an unparalleled visual archive, and he chronicles both the planet's momentous occurrences and the striking realities of everyday life with equal aplomb. This landmark book allows readers to bear witness to such world-defining events as the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and 9/11--all of which Hoepker's characteristic and evocative images helped etch in our collective consciousness.

Wanderlust: 60 Years of Images, Thomas Hoepker signed books
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