Pablo Boneu was born in 1969 in the City of Córdoba, Argentina.


His artistic activity is heterogeneous and, although his training is self-taught, for some time he studied astronomy and film at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina.


Since the early 90's he has made numerous unconventional productions linked to photography, design and video; also generating fiction texts and numerous public art actions.


This variety of proposals does not mean that your work lacks a clear stylistic line. Beyond their formal manifestation, there is a common element that links them, a line of force that runs through their entire production as a hidden vector, as an identity that does not fully recognize itself and is the idea of​​procedure: more than filming , photograph, draw or write, Boneu invents structures; a very particular class of structures, which are both closed and open. Closed because they have a rigorous internal coherence and open because they can proliferate indefinitely. In this way, two critical impulses are combined in his work: on the one hand, that of production as a serial repetition of the same object and, on the other, the traditional idea of ​​a work of art as a craft fetish. The tension thus generated by this double criticism is visible in all his productions, and configures what could be called, more than a style, a Boneu world, a proper way of making art and of being an artist.


His exhibitions include Burke & Hare, Asesinos (Centro Cultural Recoleta, Bs. As., Argentina), Esthetics of Omission (Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana, Cba. Argentina), Intercomics (Centro de la Imagen, México DF.) , Instructions to destroy Money (Hilario Galguera Gallery, Mexico City.), Visible and Invisible (Blanca Berlin Gallery, Madrid, Spain), Chimera (Babel Gallery, Sao Pablo, Brazil), Crowds, Individuals and other illusions (Terreno Baldío Gallery , Mexico DF), among others.